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CVS help - an Overview

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CVS is the shorthand for Concurrent Versions System ...

Recently the :sspi: protocol was added to CVSNT. It works over TCP/IP so it can more easily traverse firewalls. Like :ntserver: the :sspi: protocol does not need a login, instead the login you did when you started your workstation is used with this protocol.

:sspi: is only supported by Windows NT, 2000, or XP (using NTFS?).

About this help

During this help you will learn how to setup CVSNT - an CVS-Server for Windows and Linux (UNIX?). You'll also learn how to configurate CVSNT to support the :sspi: protocol for access.

This help was written after a script I've done during my installation. So I only tested it with Windows 2000 Pro. I think that it could be adapted for WindowsNT or WindowsXP, but I'm not sure. Also I've only one machine and so can't test through a network. So server and client are running the same machine. And yes, I know that this isn't the best way to use cvs, but would you buy me another pc?

This short help is based on the version of CVSNT, which I've installed, (Build 62). But should also work for the next few versions.


I wanted to run my own CVSNT, so I started to read some (or some more) articles how to start. Among them there was a good article written by Bo Berglund. His article really helped me - after some hours. First I wanted to access CVSNT throught :ntserver: protocol, but due to some problems which I do not wanted to solve, I decided to use the :sspi: protocol.


You can also download this help, to read it offline. Note: This download is not always up to date.